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    Parents on Parenting: authentic images of parenting by those who’ve been there
    (Spring Arbor College Press, 1992) Cherem, Barbara; Gianetti, Natalie
    What do you do if your daughter lives with your ex-husband— a thousand miles away? How does a single, working mother respond to the special challenges of raising kids? How can a father unload the emotional baggage he brings to the task of parenting? What happens when parents are from totally different cultures? Questions like these are addressed in Parents on Parenting, a collection of essays written by adults who earned college level credit for thinking through what they learned about parenting by being parents. Using David Kolb's model of experiential learning, they translated concrete experiences into abstract concepts, concepts which could then be applied to new situations. The result is fresh and thoughtful insights into the issues confronting today's changing families.
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    The Accidental Anthropologist:
    (Spring Arbor College Press, 1995) Boivin, Michael
    a Fulbright scholar unloads his cultural baggage in Zaire.