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The White Library Digital Repository is a resource for the Spring Arbor University community to showcase, share, and preserve research and scholarship in an Open Access repository. The White Library Digital Repository collects writings and works of Spring Arbor University faculty, staff, and students including, but not limited to: published journal articles, conference papers, workshop presentations, undergraduate honors & graduate theses.

Faculty can send submissions to saulibrary+digitalIR@gmail.com. All submissions should include a signed deposit agreement by the author. The deposit agreement can be downloaded from http://bit.ly/2pwIqoe and submitted along with the theses, article, or work to saulibrary+digitalIR@gmail.com.


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Recently Added

  • Metts, Wallis Jr.; McKenna, David L.; Chapman, James; Briner, Bob; Hill, Darold L. Dr.; Bullen, Lawrence L.; Hauger, Garnet; White, Glenn J. (Spring Arbor College, 2000-06)
    The "Reflections" oversized newsletter published in June, 2000, highlights the many achievements of James L. Chapman at Spring Arbor College during his time as President.
  • Gitchell, Chester S. (1866)
    "The diary depicts the day-to-day struggles of seeking God's will in the ministry and of Gitchell's daily spiritual pilgrimage.
  • Emerson, Enoch (1915)
    Samples from patient record ledgers and patient prescriptions notebook. Identifying information has been redacted. Collection processed by and prepared for digitization by Katie Iversen ('17), March 2017
  • Kulaga, Jon S. (Spring Arbor University Press, 2007)
    In the last half of the 1850s, persecution and proscription m a d e the formation of the Free Methodist Church a necessity for those dedicated to the gospel of holiness and ministry to the poor. Three years after launching ...
  • Susan Panak, Archivist Spring Arbor University (2017)
    Three piece Altar Set. Part of a collection of Old World fabrics, obtained from the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, where they had been assembled from the private Chapels of the Winter Palace, Tsarskoye Selo and other Royal ...

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