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The White Library Digital Repository is a resource for the Spring Arbor University community to showcase, share, and preserve research and scholarship in an Open Access repository. The White Library Digital Repository collects writings and works of Spring Arbor University faculty, staff, and students including, but not limited to: published journal articles, conference papers, workshop presentations, undergraduate honors & graduate theses.

Faculty can send submissions to saulibrary+digitalIR@gmail.com. All submissions should include a signed deposit agreement by the author. The deposit agreement can be downloaded from http://bit.ly/1atnaF4 and submitted along with the theses, article, or work to saulibrary+digitalIR@gmail.com.


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Recently Added

  • Cherem, Barbara; Gianetti, Natalie (Spring Arbor College Press, 1992)
    What do you do if your daughter lives with your ex-husband— a thousand miles away? How does a single, working mother respond to the special challenges of raising kids? How can a father unload the emotional baggage he brings ...
  • Boivin, Michael (Spring Arbor College Press, 1995)
    a Fulbright scholar unloads his cultural baggage in Zaire.
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (1940)
    POSTMARK Feb 23, 1940 ADDRESSEE Miss Goldie Potts, First Avenue, Tarentum, Pa MESSAGE: Dear Goldie This is where we live. Don't you think we have a pretty yard? How is everyone? Write. Love, Hazel V.
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Ernect C. Blanchard, 1899)
    POSTMARK: May 5, 1899 ADDRESSEE: Miss Lizzie Howe, Allen, Michigan SENDER: Sadie Hillard, Spring Arbror.
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Village Prints, 1974)

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