The Echo 1926

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The Student Body
Dedication: To one who has given invaluable services to the Seminary and student body, having served as a teacher for seven years and two years as principal, we wish to dedicate this book. As a man, we have found him strong and true; as a teacher, wise and just; and as a disciplinarian, firm and friendly. He has won a warm place of friendship in the hearts of all his associate teachers and the students. To Professor W.V. Miller, we do hereby dedicate this volume of "The Echo." 1926 FACULTY: Rev. W. V. Miller, Mrs. Minnie Miller, Rev. Arthur Mayes, Mrs. Lena Myers, Mrs. Gladys M. Fletcher, Mr. Earl B. Fletcher, Mr. Clark W. Aylard, Miss Margaret J. Matthewson, Miss Luella Manning, Miss Doane L. Avery, Miss Zilpha Young, Mrs. Minnie Blowers, Mrs. Edith Boice, Miss Alice Barber, Mrs. Nellie Bodine, Rev. G. W. Bodine, Miss Clara Van Blarcom, J. A. Kelley COLLEGE CLASS: Violet Fletcher, Goldie Haywood, Forest Haywood, Madgeline Long SENIORS: Burdette Andrews, Harold McKee, Daniel Thompson, James Andrews, Ora Sprague, Evangel Miller, Violet Zeller, Gladys Mathews, Robert Montgomery, Wilbur Morrison, Gerald Thompson, Virgil Culp, Roy Williams, Pauline Randall, Sarah Sines, Ruby Bates, Ruth Mathews, Fleeta Beck, Dorothy Lee, Esther Warren, Mary Edith Miller, Hazel Meade JUNIORS: Violet Baker, Mildred Bidwell, Dorothy Morrison, Wesley Haywood, Mary Edith Miller, Alberta Bishop, Edith Coreson, Clara Van Blarcom, Esther Holmes, Beulah Boice, Birdie Laughlin, Mary Houghtby, Howard Clifford, Bliss Parsons, Ethel Pritchard, Mrs. Mary Middaugh, Gladys Baker, Hazel Justice SOPHOMORES: Leola Holton, Edna Van Thorre, Pauline Myers, Mattie Bovee, Adeline Baker, Charlotte Baker, Leona Hebbard, Mae Simpson, Margaret Munsel, Ruth Vincent, Alberta Bailey, Cecilia Hans, Earnest Culp, Charles Kingsley, Nelson Williams, Dora Padgett, Laura Huffman, Edgar Jacobs, Virginia Millsip, Mabel Tarrant FRESHMEN: Margaret Holton, Laura Powell, Francis Huffman, Verl Beck, Edward Boice, Frances Pillars, Virginia Guffey, Escelie Bodine, Louise Cross, Russel Wright, Elmer Pearson, Earl Kincaid, Lloyd Whitcomb, Clarence Richardson, Lincoln Middleton, Myron Sines, James Swanagan, Charles Leighton, Glenn Baremor, Clinton Parkinson, Alvin Lawrence, Evart McGrath, Clifford Dixon, Glenn Mitchell
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