Spring Arbor Digital Repository: Recent submissions

  • Gitchell, Chester S. (1866)
    "The diary depicts the day-to-day struggles of seeking God's will in the ministry and of Gitchell's daily spiritual pilgrimage.
  • Emerson, Enoch (1915)
    Samples from patient record ledgers and patient prescriptions notebook. Identifying information has been redacted. Collection processed by and prepared for digitization by Katie Iversen ('17), March 2017
  • Kulaga, Jon S. (Spring Arbor University Press, 2007)
    In the last half of the 1850s, persecution and proscription m a d e the formation of the Free Methodist Church a necessity for those dedicated to the gospel of holiness and ministry to the poor. Three years after launching ...
  • Susan Panak, Archivist Spring Arbor University (2017)
    Three piece Altar Set. Part of a collection of Old World fabrics, obtained from the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, where they had been assembled from the private Chapels of the Winter Palace, Tsarskoye Selo and other Royal ...
  • Chronicle (Spring Arbor Seminary, 1907)
  • Unknown author (1906)
  • Panak, Susan (Spring Arbor University, 2017)
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (2017)
    In Memory of James Hudson Taylor II & Alice Hayes Taylor James Hudson Taylor II (1894-1978) & Alice Hayes (1898-1987) served as missionaries of the Free Methodist Church in both China and Taiwan for 40 years in a ministry ...
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (2016)
    An endowed fund, the Miranda Collection was established through the generosity of the family and friends of Sara J. Cole and Chad A. Cole for the purpose of remembering Chad and Sara’s infant daughter, Miranda Evangelene ...
  • Cherem, Barbara; Gianetti, Natalie (Spring Arbor College Press, 1992)
    What do you do if your daughter lives with your ex-husband— a thousand miles away? How does a single, working mother respond to the special challenges of raising kids? How can a father unload the emotional baggage he brings ...
  • Boivin, Michael (Spring Arbor College Press, 1995)
    a Fulbright scholar unloads his cultural baggage in Zaire.
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (1940)
    POSTMARK Feb 23, 1940 ADDRESSEE Miss Goldie Potts, First Avenue, Tarentum, Pa MESSAGE: Dear Goldie This is where we live. Don't you think we have a pretty yard? How is everyone? Write. Love, Hazel V.
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Ernect C. Blanchard, 1899)
    POSTMARK: May 5, 1899 ADDRESSEE: Miss Lizzie Howe, Allen, Michigan SENDER: Sadie Hillard, Spring Arbror.
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Village Prints, 1974)
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Artvue Post Card Co., 1963)
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Elda Breadehoft, 1980)
    Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church Spring Arbor, Michigan 49283 Sanctuary seating capacity - 1900 Chapel Accommodation - 200
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (MWM Co., 1980)
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Artvue Post Card Co., 1951-06-22)
    POSTMARKED: JUN 22, 1951 ADDRESSEE: Miss Ester Mitchell, Nurses Home, Ohio Valley Hospital, Steubenville, Ohio. MESSAGE: Fri. morning 7:00 Dear Esther: We sure are having a nice time. I wish you could be here. We ...
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Flint, Michigan, 1968)
    POSTMARK: Sep 24, 1968 ADDRESSEE: Mr. E.W. Cary, To Veterans Hospital, Battle Creek Michigan. Spring Arbor, Michigan MESSAGE: Hello E.W. Another rainy day here, but we have been having some beautiful days too. The ...