An Analysis of the Hidden Structure Behind the Chaos of the Williamowski-Rossler Network

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The history of humanity's love affair with knowledge consists of finding reason and rhyme to the seeming madness of nature. Science has been at the head of this charge, attempting to light the dark room in which we have found ourselves. Science's light of explanation is a confident one which asserts that given one scenario another scenario will inevitably follow. This approach is startlingly fatalistic, and this fatalism has especially taken hold of the 20th and 21st centuries, spawning philosophies such as naturalism and its blunter cousin, nihilism. The discovery of chaotic mechanisms both affirms and laughs at this confidence. On the one hand, it confirms that structures within nature are determined, given a certain set of parameters, one result inevitably follows. On the other, it asserts that there is no possible way for us to know the result. This thesis will hopefully contribute to an assault of this latter proposition, in discussing the hidden structure behind the chaotic behavior of the Williamowski-Rossler Network.
Williamowski-Rossler Network, Chaos