Front Campus Showing Gymnasium and De Can Science Hall Spring Arbor Junior College

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POSTMARKED: JUN 22, 1951 ADDRESSEE: Miss Ester Mitchell, Nurses Home, Ohio Valley Hospital, Steubenville, Ohio. MESSAGE: Fri. morning 7:00 Dear Esther: We sure are having a nice time. I wish you could be here. We went to Spring Arbor yesterday with Harold. There was 21 young people from Pgh. Conf. went. We had a nice trip. Margie got word yesterday that her dad is real bad. Gland trouble like Bro. La[y] and infection. They might have to go home. There is over 100 here from Pgh. Conf. Today they elect the general officers so we want to go early to get a seat. There is four meetings going on at one time all day long. We never know which to go. We will go home tomorrow. Love, "Eldon" Beverly & Merle got married Mon.
Postcard; b&w; message on back
Spring Arbor, Michigan, Spring Arbor University, Free Methodist Church N.A.