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    Grace and Truth
    (Spring Arbor University Press, 2022-04-01) Ellis, Brent
    The message of the gospel is one of grace and truth. Truth without grace can be perceived as harsh, judgmental and burdensome. Grace without truth lacks moral grounding, leading to relativism and immorality. John 1:14 describes Jesus coming to earth “full of grace and truth.” Grace and Truth unpacks this concept and its implications in the lives of both individual Christians and Christian institutions.
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    Our Sacred Trust: The Spring Arbor University Concept
    (Spring Arbor University Press, 2023-11-01) Rupert, Kimberly; Ellis, Brent; McKenna, David; Bontrager, Gregory
    Spring Arbor University, a Christ-centered liberal arts university in mid-Michigan, has been guided by the same set of guiding principles, known simply as The Concept, for the past 60 years. Our Sacred Trust unpacks the philosophical and theological underpinnings of Spring Arbor University’s higher education enterprise, their 150-year history, and how they seek to accomplish their guiding purpose of educating for Christ and His kingdom through The Concept.
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    Edward Payson Hart: The Second Man of Free Methodism
    (Spring Arbor University Press, 2007) Kulaga, Jon S.
    In the last half of the 1850s, persecution and proscription m a d e the formation of the Free Methodist Church a necessity for those dedicated to the gospel of holiness and ministry to the poor. Three years after launching the new Methodist denomination, founder and organizer Benjamin Titus Roberts found himself feeling alone, having lost his most loyal and trusted friends to premature deaths: William Kendall (1858), Loren Stiles (1863), and John Wesley Redfield (1863). However, waiting in the wings was a young Free Methodist minister, quietly building his circuit in the prairie lands of northern Illinois, who would soon be called upon to partner with Roberts and share the yoke of leadership for the next 30 years. Born in the Green Mountains of Vermont in 1835, Edward Payson Hart was trained as a lawyer, but turned evangelist and preacher when he was converted through the ministry of John Wesley Redfield. W hen asked by B.T. Roberts if he would go to Michigan to see if a work could be established there, his immediate and faith-filled response was, “If you say so and l can gel there. I will go to the North Pole." Other than B.T. Roberts, Free Methodism owes more to the influence of Edward Payson Hart than any other man: and yet to many, he remains a mystery...until now.
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    Concept and Commitment: a History of Spring Arbor University
    (Spring Arbor University Press, 2008) Snyder, Howard A.
    The storyline in this review of Spring Arbor’s history across its various academic permutations reflects “a long obedience in the same direction.” Reciting the story is important in setting the trajectory for the future. This volume is a revision and an expansion of the author’s earlier 100 Years at Spring Arbor, published in the school’s centenary year, 1973. The book documents the influence of a long line of leaders in forming and maintaining the school’s mission. The considerable space given to public statements by Spring Arbor’s leaders across 134 years of history reveals a remarkable consistency of vision and commitment. --Gerald E. Bates, 28th President of Spring Arbor University
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    The Concept and the Sciences : the Integration of Faith and Learning within the Natural and Social Sciences
    (Spring Arbor University Press, 2007) Beebe, Gayle D.; Kulaga, Jon S.; Hauger, Garnet (Smith); Johnson, David A.; Newhouse, Chris; Buratovich, Michael; Trexler, Fred D.; Hayward, Craig D.; Darling, Terry; Jindra, Michael; Smiley, Stephen R.; Rawson, David; Yeaman, Jan; Bailey, Patricia; Nemecek, Paul
    The Concept series, Volume III Featuring the writings of faculty and administrators of Spring Arbor University
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    Keeping the Concept : Christian Higher Education and the Integration of Faith, Living and Learning.
    (Spring Arbor University Press, 2004) Beebe, Gayle D.; Kulaga, Jon S.; Overton-Adkins, Betty; Hauger, Garnet (Smith); Moore-Jumonville, Kimberly; Metts, Wallis C.; Campbell, Charles R.; Bailey, Robert Q.; Dillman, Charles; Brown, Bruce; Varland, Roger; Johnson, David A.; Trexler, Fred D.; Hamilton, David; Wallace, Richard C.; Hopper, David; Darling, Terry; Nemecek, John
    The Concept series, Volume II Featuring the writings of faculty and administrators of Spring Arbor University.
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    A Concept to Keep: a Concept for Christian Higher Education in the Wesleyan Tradition
    (Spring Arbor University Press, 2003) Beebe, Gayle D.; Kulaga, Jon S.
    The Concept series, Volume I Featuring "Concept for the Christian College" by David L. McKenna. With primary sources for the philosophy of higher education at Spring Arbor University drawn from the writings of John Wesley, Benjamin T. Roberts, Edward P. Hart, and Gayle D. Beebe.