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  • Bolton, Robbie (The Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association/ Journal de l’Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada (“JCHLA/JABSC”) is the primary source of this article., 2013-04-01)
    The article evaluates Google Hangouts, an application developed as an integrated tool in the Google+ social networking platform.
  • Unknown author (1908)
    POSTMARK: December 24, (year illegible) ADDRESSEE: Master Georgie Campbell, Ann Arbor, Mich. R. F: D No 6. MESSAGE: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Marian Hitt
  • Unknown author (1909)
    POSTMARK: March 11, 1909 Spring Arbor, Mich. ADDRESSEE: Miss Lucy Andrus, South Haven, Mich. Forest Ave. MESSAGE: Dear Friend, - your card at hand some time ago. School going about the same as ever. We are very near ...
  • Unknown author (1915)
    POSTMARK: February 23, 1915 Spring Arbor, Mich. ADDRESSEE: Mr. R. C. Campbell, Ann Arbor, Mich, R#6 MESSAGE: Expect you have your garden all made and potatoes planted. Have been busy with the wood and have not ...
  • Unknown author (1928-08-27)
    POSTMARK: Aug 27, 1928 Spring Arbor, MICH.; ADDRESSEE: Mrs. J. Anderson 228 Renter St. East Aurora N.Y. Spring Arbor, Mich.; MESSAGE: Monday - 27th. Dear Grandma, We are having a very happy time here with these fine ...
  • Unknown author (2017)
  • Unknown author (1909-10-21)
    POSTMARK: October 21, 1909 ADDRESSEE: Mr. Fred Gyles, 802 Washington St., Albion, Mich. MESSAGE: This postcard isant very pretty but it is all I have. Dear Bro. Now we received your card, we glad to hear from you. ...
  • Spring Arbor University Archives (Village Prints, 1974)
  • Panak, Susan (Spring Arbor University, 2017)
  • Unknown author (1913)
    POSTMARK: Dec 5, 1913 ADDRESSEE: Mr. Wm. A. Dorn[how?], Shabboua, Mich. #4. Hello Willie! Where have you been keeping your self? I haven't heard a thing of you since I came down here. I wouldn't know whether you were ...
  • Pfaff, Judy K. (2015)
    Judy Pfaff endearingly recounts the life of her grandmother, Zella Alta Emerson Gilmore.
  • Unknown author (2015)
    John and Eunice Ellison
  • Free Methodist Church (The Free Methodist, 1893-04-26)
    John Ellison's obituary expounding on his personal life facts but mostly dedicated to his service to the Free Methodist Church. In addition, "An Appeal" is a column dedicated to raising funds to offset the mortgage held ...
  • Unknown author (1914)
    POSTMARK: February 26, 1914 Spring Arbor, Mich ADDRESSEE: Mr. Willie Dornton, Shabbona, Mich. Route H MESSAGE: Dear Brother; How are you getting along at school? Does Mrs. White ever give you a little[?] information? ...
  • Beebe, Gayle D.; Kulaga, Jon S.; Overton-Adkins, Betty; Hauger, Garnet (Smith); Moore-Jumonville, Kimberly; Metts, Wallis C.; Campbell, Charles R.; Bailey, Robert Q.; Dillman, Charles; Brown, Bruce; Varland, Roger; Johnson, David A.; Trexler, Fred D.; Hamilton, David; Wallace, Richard C.; Hopper, David; Darling, Terry; Nemecek, John (Spring Arbor University Press, 2004)
    The Concept series, Volume II Featuring the writings of faculty and administrators of Spring Arbor University.
  • Lee, Grace (2015-04-16)
    In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Evidently adolescent Holocaust literature explores a variety of themes, such as coming of age during the time of Nazi Germany either as a Jew or as a Gentile ...
  • Macfadyen, Sarah E. (2013-04-01)
    To be beautiful, whole, and truly loved are the longings of Orual, the protagonist and narrator of C. S. Lewis’s final novel, Till We Have Faces (1956). The process by which she is able to realize these desires is illustrated ...
  • Unknown author (1969)
  • Unknown author (E.C. Knopp Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 1951)
    POSTMARK: Jul 24, 1951 CAMBRIDGE MASS ADDRESSEE: Miss Joan Herrickson 2504 N. Monticello Chicago, IL. MESSAGE: Dear Jo, Having a swell time really. Enjoying new scenery which is beautiful. Plan to see Niagara and ...